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About Varied / Professional Ravel Śāśwata Petershagen39/Male/Norway Recent Activity
Deviant for 11 Years
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Djehuty's Dance by saswata Djehuty's Dance :iconsaswata:saswata 6 2 Bluegreen Buddha by saswata Bluegreen Buddha :iconsaswata:saswata 1 1
Three Rivers
(Do not steal milk from cows; it is for calves only. Do not steal honey from bees; it is for baby bees. Be human; be vegan.)
Two rivers are running;
The moonlike and the sunny.
One is flowing with honey.
Milk flows from the other line.
Neither of the rivers are seen.
A third; the River Of Wine
(Which is placed in between),
The yogis have supposed,
Saying that it is usually closed.
When the River Of Milk
And the River Of Honey
Run dry,
Then you need no money
When the River Of Wine
Passes by!
The River Of Wine
Is the main ROW.
It runs up your spine
In a straight flow.
Ravel Śāśwata
:iconsaswata:saswata 3 3
Charming and chaste the chief of the Chair
Hallows the heated hearth with Her hymns.
Azure like the arch of the sky there's a flare.
Nimbly She preaches; and never condemns:
Dispelling the desire for any worldly affair.
Readily the pure at heart hears Her omens,
And abrogates across the Abyss of despair.
:iconsaswata:saswata 3 2
Ouroboros is biting its tail,
Forming the circle the letter O.
Isis is hiding behind Her Veil
Uncountable stars of the Galaxy glow.
Crouching its body; Time makes a curl.
Heaven's Serpent is making a gird,
Under the sweep of the swerving swirl,
Scorching from the beak of the bird.
:iconsaswata:saswata 2 0
River of Rasah runs from above
At the moment of Instant Salvation.
Savour the Nectar of Heavenly Love
And rejoice in the Bliss of Realization.
Youth is eternal in Vṛndāvana realm.
Amrita is poured like Celestial Balm.
Natural Man is nourished and nursed.
Anthems of Amour are stilling the thirst.
:iconsaswata:saswata 3 1
Silver Star, Who shines like the Moon:
Argentium Astrum my admirable aim,
Redundantly releasing Your Rivers of Radiance.
Accompanied by rainy rhythm and tune,
Sages are singing Your soft songs of fame;
Wrapped by Your wave: Wake of Eloquence.
Awed by Your Art and authority, I'm attracted to You.
Touched by Your tender tones of thrill, to You I woo.
Impressed by Your impact I implore; please love me too!
:iconsaswata:saswata 2 2
Baffling and bold, the Beautiful Beings built the wall of blazing bamboo
Ushering upright, unsurpassed, unmatched, utterly tall; amazing but true
Diamonds or Dorjes defy all decease by burrowed beams from the blue
Hermes hauls his host in a heap, as he descends with super-luminous speed
Aloft, aspiring souls ready to reap; the aged or eager, ascend by a hollow reed
:iconsaswata:saswata 1 0
Drink every drop; or else you may drown,
Hurled by the flood that floats from the Crown.
Aquarius is pouring Celestial Rain.
Nuit drenches where darkness did drain.
Vases of verve She holds in Her hands.
Amusing She is by the river She stands.
Nude is Her body; only Night is Her dress.
Truth has no clothes the upright She'll bless.
Adorned with the stars that shine from afar.
Rejuvenating Nectar hails from the Star.
Illusion is lost in the light of Illumination.
:iconsaswata:saswata 1 0
Asleep beneath the primeval sea lies Ananta the snake.
Quenched is the Queen in the Kingdom after the quake.
United by urgency, ogre and god take Vāsuki as rope and Mandara as rod.
Aided by each other they are able to churn the vast, aboriginal ocean.
Releasing the Nectar for which they yearn their eternal life potion.
Immortality is yielded on tasting the drink, so please have a draught.
Ultimately, Indu, the dew drop is drunk, as it drips from the nought.
Suras and Asuras finish to churn as Lord Dhanvantari appears with an Urn.
:iconsaswata:saswata 2 0
Foolish Hermit - Hermetic Fool by saswata Foolish Hermit - Hermetic Fool :iconsaswata:saswata 0 2 Saswata Graphical Devine by saswata Saswata Graphical Devine :iconsaswata:saswata 0 1 Lion in Zion by saswata Lion in Zion :iconsaswata:saswata 13 15 Old Defence Device by saswata Old Defence Device :iconsaswata:saswata 0 1 Terracotta-Krishna by saswata Terracotta-Krishna :iconsaswata:saswata 1 1 Kiwikrishna by saswata Kiwikrishna :iconsaswata:saswata 0 2


heart tutorial by Ka-Kind heart tutorial :iconka-kind:Ka-Kind 14 9 Mythimna pallens by Mantide Mythimna pallens :iconmantide:Mantide 53 7 Genopteryx  rhanmi by Mantide Genopteryx rhanmi :iconmantide:Mantide 62 6 Concept practice 13_landscape with mountains by IvanLaliashvili Concept practice 13_landscape with mountains :iconivanlaliashvili:IvanLaliashvili 1,091 31 Tree of life by FerdinandLadera Tree of life :iconferdinandladera:FerdinandLadera 2,781 70 Enchanted by FerdinandLadera Enchanted :iconferdinandladera:FerdinandLadera 1,734 34 River Mountain II Panoramic by FerdinandLadera River Mountain II Panoramic :iconferdinandladera:FerdinandLadera 1,026 20 Concept art_12 by IvanLaliashvili Concept art_12 :iconivanlaliashvili:IvanLaliashvili 714 21 Concept art_7 by IvanLaliashvili Concept art_7 :iconivanlaliashvili:IvanLaliashvili 463 6 Concept art_2 by IvanLaliashvili Concept art_2 :iconivanlaliashvili:IvanLaliashvili 419 7 Concept art_4 by IvanLaliashvili Concept art_4 :iconivanlaliashvili:IvanLaliashvili 485 8 Painting a Fractal, Part 1 by ChaosFissure Painting a Fractal, Part 1 :iconchaosfissure:ChaosFissure 447 186 Painting a Fractal 2 by ChaosFissure Painting a Fractal 2 :iconchaosfissure:ChaosFissure 175 56 Tree Of Lava by janaschi Tree Of Lava :iconjanaschi:janaschi 12,102 694 ID level 5 by janaschi ID level 5 :iconjanaschi:janaschi 10,666 1,637 sketchessss by janaschi sketchessss :iconjanaschi:janaschi 4,831 184



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Ravel Śāśwata Petershagen
Artist | Professional | Varied
Current Residence: Hamar, Norway

deviantWEAR sizing preference: ?

Print preference: ?

Favourite genre of music: rock, pop, soul, drum'n'base, trance, mystical, rythm and blues, reggae, rāga, heavy metal

Favourite style of art: Fantasy, realistic, naturalistic, spiritual, sensual, surrealistic

Operating System: OS X El Capitan (10.11.4), Mac OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.5), Windows 10 (Parallels Desktop).

MP3 player of choice: iPod, iTunes

Shell of choice: What?

Wallpaper of choice: What?

Skin of choice: What?

Favourite cartoon character: The Phantom (by Lee Falk), Tintin, Nemi, Spider-man, Batman, Prince Valiant, Modesty Blaise

Personal Quote: Know Thyself

My profession is visual artist, fine art illustrator, and graphic designer. You can view my portfolio with illustrations at Graφical Devine –

I did Major in Visual Communication at Oslo National Academy of the Arts (Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo), formerly known as The National College of Art and Design (Statens Håndverks- og Kunstindustriskole).

I'm a Vegan and eat mostly vegetarian raw food.

Tarot-archetype: Ⅴ The Hierophant.

Sun in tropical starsign: Capricorn.

Sun in sidereal starsign: Sagittarius/Dhanus.

Moon in nakṣatra: Rohinī.

Sun in nakṣatra: Mūla.

My interests:

The Absolute, Advaita Vedānta, Ahimsā, Ahiṃsā, Alchemy, Alphabet, Amanaska, Ambrosia, Amṛta, Ānanda, Animal Rights, Animals, Animal Welfare, Animation, Antaḥkaraṇa, Antarātmā, Anti-Captivity, Anti-Cruelty, Anti-Fur, Anti-Guns, Anti-Leather, Anti-Military, Anti-Racism, Anti-Speciesism, Anti-Violence, Anti-Vivisection, Anti-War, Aparigraha, Archetypes, Ardour, Art, Āsana, Aṣṭāṅga Yoga, Asteya, Astral Projection, Astrology, Astronomy, Ātman, Attention, Austerity, Awareness, Āyurveda, Bandhu, Baul, Beauty, Bhakti, Bodhi, Brahmacarya, Buddhi, Buddhism, Ch'an, Ch'i, Children, Cit, Citta, Cittā, Colour, Comic, Commitment, Compassion, Concentration, Conscience, Consciousness, Contentment, Continence, Correspondence, Dāna, Dance, Dao, Dew, Dhāraṇa, Dharma Buddhi, Dhyāna, Discrimination, Discernment, Drawing, Emancipation, Environment, Essence, Ethic, Fair Trade, Film, Flower, Form, Freedom, Fruit, Geometry, Gnosis, Goodness, Graphic Design, Guitar, Harmony, Haṭha Yoga, Hermetic Philosophy, Hinduism, Human Rights, Icchā, Illustration, Insight, Intellect, Internet, Iśvara Praṇidhāna, Jain Dharma, Jainism, Japa, Jīng, Jīva, Jñāna, Judgement, Jyotiṣa, Kabbalah, Kailash, Kailāśa, Kailāśa Parvat, Kalarippayaṭ, Kalarippayattu, Karma, Karuṇā, Ki, Knowledge, Kriyā, Kung Fu, Liberation, Love, Lyric, Magic, Mahjong, Manas, Manichaeism, Mantra, Martial Art, Mercy, Metaphysics, Meditation, Mildness, Mind, Mindfulness, Mindstuff, Mokṣa, Morality, Moral, Movies, Mukti, Music, Mysticism, Mythology, Naturality, Nectar, Nei Kung, Nirvāṇa, Nirvikalpa, Niyama, Non-Coveting, Non-Cruelty, Nondualism, Non-dualistic Philosophy, Non-Stealing, Non-Violence, Normality, Painting, Paramātmā, Patience, Peace, The Phantom, Photography, Plant, Poetry, Prajñā, Prāṇāyāma, Pratyāhāra, Pūjā, Purity, Qabalah, Qi, Quantum Physics, Rāja Yoga, Raṅg, Rasah, Raw Food, Reason, Reincarnation, Root, Rūpa, Saccidānanda, Sādhanā, Sādhanam, Sahaja, Śākāhārī, Samādhi, Śambhala, Saṃdhyā-Bhāṣā, Saṃjñā, Sāṃkhya, Saṃnyāsa, Saṅnyāsa, Saṃvid, Sanātana Dharma, Sanjñā, Sañjñā, Sāṅkhya, Śānti, Santoṣa, Śāśwata, Sat, Sat-cit-ānanda, Satsaṅga, Sattva, Satya, Satyāgraha, Śauca, Savikalpa, Science, Self-Realisation, Sequential Art, Shambhala, Shén, Śīla, Śilpa Śāstra, Smṛti, Soma, Spagyria, Spagyric, Spirituality, Svādhyāya, Symbols, Taiji, Tao, Taoism, Tapas, TAROT, Tree, Truth, Twilight Language, Understanding, Vajramukti, Vajrayāna, Vāstu, Vāstu Śāstra, Veda, Vegan, Vegetarian, Vidyā, Vijñāna, Vipaśyanā, Vivekjukta Buddhi, Will, Wisdom, Work, Writing, Yama, Yáng, Yīn, Yoga, Zen, Zero-Point Energy, Zodiac, …



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